Sofie van den Borne

Software Developer

Sofie is an ambitious full stack software engineer with extensive experience in various projects in which she takes on both back-end and front-end work. She looks with a critical eye at what needs to be built and how to do it as well as possible. She believes it is important to communicate well with the customer in order to jointly look for the right solution.

As a person, she is eager to learn, independent, communicative and not afraid to take on new challenges. Sofie is strong in logical reasoning and enjoys solving complex problems. In addition to working independently, she is also a team player and contributes to a pleasant team atmosphere.

Colleagues about Sofie:

“Sofie is analytically strong and has a very good technical overview of the consequences of a change or new functionality. In addition, she can also communicate that very well. ”

“With her way of working she knows how to motivate the team and there is a good atmosphere. Also in the direction of business, she knows how to coordinate in the right way and to convey the message. Even if this has a slightly more negative nature. “

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