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Leverage the benefits of cloud computing to drive innovation and agility in your organization.

Cloud-native development enables organizations to build applications more quickly, reliably, and scalable.

We have been cloud experts for over a decade, and can help you to develop, deploy and run your applications in the cloud. Adopting cloud-native practices transforms your organization’s software development process, enabling you to deliver higher-quality applications faster and more efficiently, while also reducing costs and increasing innovation.

What we do

Why Cloud-Native Development?

Faster Time to Market

Adopting cloud-native practices to release new features and updates with a faster time to market.

By adopting cloud-native practices like microservices architecture and CI/CD pipelines, organizations can release new features and updates more frequently. Smaller, independent microservices can be developed, tested, and deployed faster, allowing teams to respond quickly to market demands and customer feedback.

Scalability and improved resilience

Cloud-native applications allowing organizations to handle changes more efficiently.

With container orchestration tools like Kubernetes, applications can automatically scale up or down based on workload, ensuring optimal performance without manual intervention. Cloud-native applications are designed to be resilient so organizations can minimize downtime and ensure continuous availability for their services.

Cost Efficiency

Utilize pay-as-you-go cloud services for your applications.

We can help you with cost optimization by leveraging pay-as-you-go cloud services. With containers, resources can be packed more efficiently, reducing infrastructure costs. This makes it easier to migrate workloads between different cloud providers or even between on-premises and cloud environments.

“Luminis are a collective of highly skilled professionals who quickly understand what our organization is about and how AWS cloud technology can generate more agility, speed and business value. In particular, I appreciate the way Luminis acts at the right level: not too technical, but easily adapting to the environment in which they operate; in the words from Gregor Hohpe: from the engine room to the C-level penthouse.”
Peter Kant
Innovation Manager

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