InformationGrid data-as-a-service platform

More and more organizations realize that data is one of the most important strategic assets. Data is the foundation for better insights, better decisions and new business models. At the same time organizations are also struggling with their data management. Is the data within your organization always of high quality, always available and available in the right format?

Data challenges

Many types of data storage have been developed over the last decades. From file systems to relational databases, from NoSQL to cloud storage. Most databases have been developed to store data properly. When the data structure or applications that are using the data evolve, this can lead to difficult migration challenges. Many databases are not suitable for modern business intelligence or artificial intelligence applications. 

We’ve noticed several recurring questions in the data domain:

  • Our data grows exponentially. How can I safely manage my data?
  • How can I create maximum value from my data?
  • How can I monitor, manage and improve my data quality?
  • How can I combine different data sources for unified reporting and analysis?

You can find the answers and solutions for these questions in the market. But Luminis has developed a complete solution that solves these challenges and deployed it successfully for many customers. The name of the solution: InformationGrid data-as-a-service platform.

Data-as-a-service (DAAS) platform

The main capability of InformationGrid is to collect, manage and store data in the cloud. This sounds easy, but InformationGrid contains many ways to increase the value of your data:

  • Use a model driven approach to work with data. This means less hand crafted code and therefore higher quality and lower costs.
  • Smart data management: by using active data management the quality of your data will increase
  • Versatile data integration: from microservices to event streaming, from APIs to Internet of Things; InformationGrid easily integrates with existing and future applications and architectures. 
  • Simple and reusable data transformation. No more time consuming ETL (Extract Transform Load) steps.
  • Safe and in control: by using end-to-end security and GDPR compliance checks your data – and the data of your customers – will remain safe and secured.

By using InformationGrid you can use your data to discover new insights and new business models quickly.

Who is InformationGrid for?

InformationGrid was designed for organizations where data is of strategic value to their primary process. Most InformationGrid users also use the solution to speed up their software development process, using InformationGrid as their cloud development platform. This way all data and applications are stored in a central  location in the cloud. Developers can share code and resources in a standardized manner. 


Are you curious about the architecture of the platform and the underlying technology? We created a page with all the technical details. 

More information?

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