Introducing Luminis


I regularly conduct job interviews. Sometimes it only lasts an hour and sometimes it is the beginning of a friendship that continues for many years. At Luminis we leave every meeting in a positive way. I think it is important that you always look back at Luminis with a good feeling, whether it regards a short introduction or years of collaboration.

Ordinary or not quite?

The aim of a first meeting is to get to know each other, have an open conversation, not just firing away way too many questions. When a candidate talks about his life, I pay special attention to the choices someone has made. Of course the “what” is important: what did you study? But more importantly is the “why”. How did you make the choices you made and what are the things that drive you daily?

Obviously such an introduction goes both ways. I also tell my interlocutor about working at Luminis and explain them why I love working here. I do not think much about the things I talk about during a first meeting, but every time I notice candidates think it’s quite extraordinary. The time we take for colleagues, how we work together, our collective motivation, our passion for craftsmanship, the importance of humour, knowledge sharing and of course our focus to learn new things and develop every day. These are all topics we talk about a lot at Luminis, and that we have come to find normal conversation topics. These introductory meetings have made me realise that talking about such topics is actually not so common.


That is why I started writing down said topics at the end of last year. Intended to introduce interested parties to our culture, and also to introduce colleagues who have just started at Luminis to our culture. When you start working at Luminis there are probably things that will surprise you. This special booklet will help you understand why your colleagues do what they do and say what they say. It helps you feel welcome at our company and dares you to be yourself.

Luminis boekje

Committing our culture to writing made me see a pitfall. Implicit manners become explicit by writing them down. In addition, it can be taken as a standard, something that new employees need to meet. I wanted to stay away from that. A corporate culture develops over time, it is not something that should be imposed. The goal instead is to record our experiences so that they can be shared. And of course I hope it will inspire everyone, new colleagues as well as ones who have worked at Luminis for years. There are always opportunities to further develop!

Working on the booklet together

What started during my Christmas break with an empty Word document has now become a large stack of booklets, which were delivered to the office last week. In the months in between, many colleagues co-wrote and helped make my texts readable. We hired a cartoonist and a colleague, Laura designed the booklet. Many thanks to all! As far as I am concerned this joint effort was a good example of what our company culture can lead to.

Would you like to receive the “welcome to Luminis booklet”?

Would you like to receive the “welcome to Luminis booklet? You can! Enter your details here and we will send it to you. Of course we would like to hear your reaction after reading it, because at Luminis we believe we have new things to learn every day.