Robin Appels

Cloud Development Engineer

Robin is great at planning, working under pressure, has a solution-oriented and customer-oriented mind with a great eye for detail and is always up for a new challenge. He is eager to learn, which makes him jump on every new technology that comes out, like: 3D printers, drones and now the new Web3. But learning is not complete without actually trying to use these technologies in practice and sharing knowledge with others. Robin is always looking for these fun and instructive projects to develop himself.

During his bachelor’s degree, Robin worked as a web developer. During the end of his bachelor’s degree he started working as a full-stack developer. Here Robin noticed he liked back-end development more than the front-end.

Robin has been playing basketball since he was ten years old and he still does. He enjoys working towards a similar goal with a team, rather than alone. This is why Robin always involves others to join his projects if they want to learn and help along. Furthermore, Robin likes to hang out with friends, read and play games.


How to improve Observability using the Elastic Stack

In the fast-paced world of modern software applications, ensuring a smooth and reliable user experience is paramount. Currently, I am working on improving the observability of the applications of a customer, using the Elastic stack. In this blog, I take...

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