The Art of Software Engineering

Our 3rd third annual “for developers by developers” IT conference: DevCon. On April 6th 2017 we have celebrated the art of software engineering at the CineMec Venue in Ede.


Luminis creates value through the technological acceleration catalysed by the internet, the almost unlimited connectivity and computing capacity offered by the cloud and the explosion of sensors and computers embedded in connected devices. IT is no longer synonymous with efficiency and cost reduction; inventing new ways to do things differently and better is where our focus lies.

Technology – Hybrid Strategy

We deliver state-of-the-art, robust and scalable solutions both quickly and efficiently. To do this, Luminis identifies emergent technical challenges and constructs reuseable ‘building blocks’ to encode solutions – solutions that can be applied to several domains or markets. Our building blocks allow our exceptionally talented and knowledgeable people to deliver value without needing to “reinvent the wheel”.

The Human Factor

Whether our efforts are manifested through software,
a system, or the skills, experience and knowledge of our individual professionals the human factor is and will always be at our heart. It is the personality, talent and empathy of our people and and their personal dialogue with our customers and partners, that makes the difference.

Who we are

Luminis is a software technology company founded in 2002; we’re dedicated to developing technology ahead of demand, in order to generate innovative solutions for and with customers. Identifying and mastering emergent technologies and techniques that offer the potential for exponential value creation is our core competence. Our focus spans the benefits represented by the Internet, cloud-based SaaS and the interconnected device, our philosophy is rooted in the concept of Open Innovation. We’re organised to maximise agility, minimise hierarchy and to keep both internal and external communication lines short.

More about us


We’re always looking for talent at all levels. What we look for in a person in addition to their skill-set is empathy, initiative, ambition together with an obsessive desire to continuously learn and improve.

More about careers


We are always looking for someone with plenty of information technology experience. Are you ambitious and passionate about technology? Get in touch!

Young Professionals

As a young professional you will be a part of our knowledge-sharing network, benefit from the available expertise and work on your professional development. Join our team!

Interns & graduates

Are you looking for work experience in an innovative, dynamic and fun environment? And want to start your career in a technology-oriented organisation? We can help you to kick-start your career!