Business Agility and Innovation

Business Agility is essential to compete in fast moving and unpredictable markets. It means that you favor speed and innovation to respond efficiently to changes in your environment. This requires an open and coherent technology platform as a solid foundation.

Our technology platforms

Driving eSports

The Luminis eSports platform provides massively scalable infrastructure and functionality for organizing and running multiplayer eSports competitions and events.

Our eSports platform

Your Agile Cloud Strategy

Develop, deploy and connect your Cloud applications in a scalable run-time environment. Our managed Cloud platform is infrastructure agnostic and pursues a Zero Lock-in strategy. It supports all phases of your application, from initial prototypes to massive scaling.

Our Cloud platform

Your data is an asset

The value of data is in the future, but to valorize this value is a challenge in itself. It requires an inclusive information strategy that addresses topics like long-term evolution, data-security and polyglot storage.

Our data platform

“Knowledge is the only treasure that increases by sharing”

By sharing and combing knowledge, we play an active role in value networks. We support and contribute to the Open Source Community as well as organizing (free) knowledge exchange sessions.

What we share

Who we are

Luminis is a software technology company founded in 2002; we’re dedicated to developing technology ahead of demand, in order to generate innovative solutions for and with customers. Identifying and mastering emergent technologies and techniques that offer the potential for exponential value creation is our core competence. Our focus spans the benefits represented by the Internet, cloud-based SaaS and the interconnected device, our philosophy is rooted in the concept of Open Innovation. We’re organised to maximise agility, minimise hierarchy and to keep both internal and external communication lines short.

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We’re always looking for talent at all levels. What we look for in a person in addition to their skill-set is empathy, initiative, ambition together with an obsessive desire to continuously learn and improve.

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We are always looking for someone with plenty of information technology experience. Are you ambitious and passionate about technology? Get in touch!

Young Professionals

As a young professional you will be a part of our knowledge-sharing network, benefit from the available expertise and work on your professional development. Join our team!

Interns & graduates

Are you looking for work experience in an innovative, dynamic and fun environment? And want to start your career in a technology-oriented organisation? We can help you to kick-start your career!