Bert Ertman appointed VP Technology at Luminis

Luminis - 3 April 2019

Amersfoort – Software technology company Luminis wants to strengthen its leading position in the field of Cloud computing by appointing Bert Ertman VP Technology. Bert is actively involved in Luminis’ Cloud strategy and will be responsible for the partnerships with AWS and Microsoft: our strategic Cloud partners.

By combining products and services, Luminis can optimally support its customers with the implementation of their Cloud strategy. Bert is not only a sought-after speaker at international conferences such as QCon, Oracle Code and Devoxx, but also a driving force in Luminis’ own Cloud strategy. Bert has worked with Luminis since 2011 and has over 20 years of experience within the software industry. In his role as consultant and advisor, Bert has worked in various market segments including e-commerce, FinTech and industry.

“Cloud computing is a field that is developing at the speed of light and has a major impact on organizations. In my role as VP Technology, I can put my broad knowledge and experience to use in order to make Luminis the best technology partner for our clients.” – Bert Ertman.

Internet and software technology are no longer topics restricted to a specific department of a company. They are a relevant part of the essential digital strategy that drives companies. A competitive digital strategy, that acknowledges the role of Cloud technology, provides companies with the resilience and ability required to respond to rapidly changing markets and client needs. Combining a suitable digital strategy with Cloud computing presents many organizations with complex challenges. The key to success increasingly lies in the ability to build the right bridge between business and clients on the one side and Cloud computing on the other. Cloud computing minimizes the time-to-market and can increase the agility of companies.

About Luminis

Luminis is a networked organization that focuses on clients for whom information technology and Internet have strategic value. That is why Luminis specializes in the application of new technology and the development of new products in the field of Cloud technology and data management. They constitute the foundation for the innovative solutions we deliver to our clients in both business as well as government.