Jeroen Bouvrie appointed as head of Luminis Netherlands

Vivian Wonink - 4 April 2018

Luminis has announced that Jeroen Bouvrie has been appointed as head of Luminis Netherlands with immediate effect. This appointment is one of a number of internal changes in response to Luminis’ continued growth – both in the Netherlands and internationally. It coincides with the 16th anniversary of Luminis’ foundation.

Jeroen Bouvrie (left) & René Janssen (right)

Jeroen Bouvrie is a founder member of the Luminis group of companies and has led its Arnhem-based business for several years. Next to maintaining the solid growth that Luminis has demonstrated over the past years, Jeroen will oversee the start of additional Luminis locations in the Netherlands, starting with Eindhoven

“Although we offer our services across the Netherlands, it is also important to offer our colleagues with a regional home-base and our customers with a local contact point” – according to Bouvrie.

René Janssen has worked as a senior member of Luminis Arnhem’s management team for several years, will succeed Jeroen Bouvrie and plans to “do even more for and with our customers, to help them grow and excel” as stated by René.

Jeroen will succeed Laurens Miedema, who has been appointed as CFO of Luminis’ parent company, where he will play a key role in Luminis’ further internationalization and the commercialization of its cloud technology products. “there is a huge potential market for our cloud and data platforms, but we will need to develop a sophisticated financing strategy to exploit this potential” stated Miedema.

About Luminis

Luminis is a technology group, focused on clients for whom information technology and the Internet have strategical value. Luminis’ specializes in applying the latest technology and develops its own Cloud-technology and data-management products. Its combination of services and technology products are the foundation of innovative solutions for clients in business, industry and government. 

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