Cloud migration

More and more organizations are moving their IT systems to the cloud. This means they enjoy lower running costs, more flexibility and a faster time-to-market. Luminis has over ten years’ experience migrating IT systems to the cloud.

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Advantages of the cloud

De cloud can open new business potential for companies. It reduces the cost of infrastructure, because clients only pay for the cloud space they use; hardware or system administrators are no longer needed. There is also increased flexibility: the bandwidth can be altered asand when needed. So if you temporarily need more or less space it’s not an issue. These low running costs and high flexibility facilitate business agility and innovation. On top of that, the cloud assures that your security is always up-to-date.

Customer Stories

Goudappel: cloud-native strategie

Luminis helps Goudappel outline its transformation strategy and continuously improve its software delivery process.

OHRA cloud migration

Luminis migrated all OHRA's custom applications from an on-premises data center to the Cloud

Van Dijk

Van Dijk is the largest educational service provider, partly because of our experience as their IT partner


We use the following methods for migration:

  • Lift & shift – this method guarantees continuity. Your IT system is lifted up whole and moved into the cloud. This means you can’t take advantage of all the benefits the cloud offers
  • Lift, tinker & shift – this method involves small adjustments to your systems, to allow them to work better in the cloud
  • Forklift – this means building a new cloud native architecture from scratch. This will leave you with a fully scalable, secure system.

Cloud migration: 5 effective steps towards a successful result.

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