Services & Solutions

We aim for the shortest time-to-value, while improving customers’ resilience.
Luminis develops and implements Cloud based and data-driven solutions.


Would you like to improve the speed and efficiency of your processes or are you considering implementing a new IT strategy? We are here to help.

Cloud DevOps tools

With Cloud DevOps tools we help you create the optimal software engineering process.s

Cloud migration

Migrating to the Cloud has many advantages: from lower costs, to faster time-to-market and more flexibility.

Container Security

How do you ensure that you can apply the same security standards to your container-based applications as to your virtual machine-based applications?

Data Intelligence

Data has become a valuable resource for many organizations. Luminis helps you create valuable insights with this data.

InformationGrid: Data-as-a-service platform

InformationGrid is a cloud native data-as-a-service platform. It helps you structure data in order to use it in a valuable way.

AWS Consultancy

Benefit from high quality solutions, scalable infrastructures and the latest technology with our AWS Consultancy Services.

Software Development

Developing solutions in the areas of cloud technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).


For e-business companies a search engine is an important part of the customer journey. An optimized search engine is crucial for the conversion and revenue of your website.

Service Design

To design new services or gain greater insight into how users navigate several services from the same company, we have service design.

Cloud Application Hosting

How do you ensure that your IT environment remains reliable and secure? With Cloud Application Hosting we help you manage your applications efficiently.

AWS Well Architected Review

How do you ensure that your cloud environment remains efficient and secure? We take a look at your IT landscape en give recommendations.

Industry latest news



Haarlem – Luminis and AWS are working together to accelerate the adoption of cloud technology by SMEs. Luminis has joined the Cloud Lab set up by Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the Cupola XS innovation center to help organizations innovate...

Four bubbles

Recent AWS announcements feature fewer service additions and instead underline the efforts the cloud giant is undertaking to increase the strength of its massive portfolio of building blocks. AWS CEO Adam Selipsky has mapped out a course that intensifies AWS’s...


So here is the case: you have S3 buckets, DynamoDB tables, relational tables on several AWS accounts and want to share the data with other AWS accounts. To create a data lake for example. And you are not using the...