Software Development

Every company is unique and has therefore specific wants and needs for the software it implements. Luminis is ahead of the crowd when it comes to technology and innovation, meaning it can attract the best developers.

We have long-lasting, balanced relationships with both our customers and the wider developer community. We’ll offer support throughout the entire development process and will find the right solution by closely working and thinking with you.

Adding value to your customers

Companies that want to stay competitive have to shift their focus to services and explore what extra services they can offer their customers. With the right software, it’s possible to develop these services in a cheap and scalable way. For example, a producer of boilers may want to develop an app that allows users to control the heating remotely. This is handy for users and gives the producer a better overview into the needs and habits of their customers. Companies can stay ahead by collecting data and using data intelligence.

Over 20 years of experience

Luminis has over twenty years experience developing solutions in the areas of cloud technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). Because we have a diverse customer base, we have expertise for any situation, ranging from developing a simple app to complex, scalable systems, such as webshops and esports platforms. Our experts are masters at their craft. And as you may expect from a master, he will always be honest in the advice he gives, even if it differs from your own opinion. We have the right experts to run the entire proces, from design to maintenance.

Luminis offers software development on a project basis, but also as consulting services.


A project is only as good as the developers that work on it. The difference between an average and a good developer is enormous: bigger than the difference between a normal runner and an Olympic medalist. Luminis has a strong connection with the international developers community and expresses this among other things by speaking at conferences and writing books. This means we can attract the best people.

Customer Stories beats the competition due to a better converting search engine and a scalable partner channel.

Huuskes: a digital transformation

"As a company you have a strong, professional partner in Luminis. They are committed, realistic and proactive. Luminis helps Huuskes to distinguish itself in the market", says Gerben Hengeveld.

INAETICS: an architecture for resilient systems

Solutions for scalable, time-critical systems in a broad scope of applications.

A clear process

Luminis employs agile methods, such as scrum and kanban. These methods ensure a flexible and controlable process. Work is delivered in short cycles of two to four weeks. At the end of every cycle, a tangible product is ready. To efficiently handle your issue, we work with small multidisciplinary teams of no more than ten people. They handle the process in small steps, so you have a large amount of control and clear overview over the proceedings. The teams deliver visual renderings or protoypes of solutions, rather than descriptions, for a clearer idea of the end product. This also means you can give feedback or have things adapted more easily. These methods tend to quickly give you the result you want.

Apart from the agile approach, we also often apply design methods to come to a solution. You can read more on our design services here.


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