About Luminis

Luminis is a software and technology company. It has offices across The Netherlands and the UK and employs around 200 professionals, creating high-end technology solutions for customers.

Further, Luminis develops its own products related to the cloud, Internet of Things, data intelligence, esports and e-learning. Its client base is diverse and consists of over 100 companies, including large Dutch and international brands, such as KLM, Nike and Bol.com. When it comes to innovation and technology, Luminis always strives to be ahead of the crowd. 

Luminis has three core values that support everything we do: leading in technology, craftsmanship and sharing knowledge.

Leading in technology

We are actively involved in upcoming technologies, even before they become mainstream. We have been working with technologies such as cloud technology, Internet of Things and machine learning for many years. We also built our own cloud platform and esports platform. This gives us a leading advantage in the market and allows us to help customers with solutions that fit the day after tomorrow. Working with the latest technologies also allows us to work with and attract the best talent in the market. 


Luminis employees are outstanding professionals and have many opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills. But that’s not all. At Luminis we strive to be the best in what we do. This means we like to grasp every detail of the issue at hand. However, we also want to understand the strategic context of a subject. By doing this, we are not only working on our expertise, but aiming for craftsmanship as well. 

Sharing knowledge

Craftsmanship also links to the third core value of Luminis: sharing knowledge. This is also deeply rooted in our DNA. We believe nobody should have to reinvent the wheel. By sharing knowledge, we’re creating more knowledge for everyone. We share our knowledge through articles, books, videos and blogs. In addition, we also organise our own yearly developer conference: DevCon, attended by 500 developers. Besides all that, we also have our own Luminis Academy, which offers a variety of trainings and courses. Sharing knowledge is also part of our software development. We often share our software under an open-source license. This allows everyone to benefit from our software.