About Luminis

Luminis is a Dutch software and technology company with offices in Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Eindhoven and Rotterdam.

About 200 IT professionals work at Luminis. We are asked by well-known companies such as KLM, Nike and Bol.com and also work for smaller organizations.

Our solutions

What exactly does Luminis do?

We help customers make better use of technology by designing and realizing innovative solutions.

We do this by carrying out projects and by giving advice. We also develop our own software products. Our work is very diverse. For example, we do cloud migrations for companies such as OHRA, optimize the search engine of Bol.com, develop the cloud environment of Roparun and work on the architecture of the largest educational service provider in the Netherlands. And there are many more great examples of companies where we innovate and accelerate business processes.

Albert Heijn (AH)

Smart algorithms to ensure that customers can find the right products as quickly and effectively as possible.

Leaseauto.nl: guiding consumers through the world of private leasing

Future innovations can be implemented efficiently and quickly.

INAETICS: an architecture for resilient systems

Solutions for scalable, time-critical systems in a broad scope of applications.

What makes Luminis different?

Of course every IT company says they have the best people. So do we. But we measure that against the demand for our knowledge and expertise.

Luminis colleagues have given countless presentations at software conferences at home and abroad. Over the years, we have written hundreds of blogs, books and papers, and conducted many training courses and webinars. Every year we organize our own developer conference DevCon with about 500 attendees. And in 2020 we even started our tech MBA. The fact that companies with a lot of IT talent ask Luminis for advice confirms our reputation in this area.

If you ask Luminis colleagues what makes Luminis different, they will also mention the working atmosphere and collaboration.

Meet our people

Luminis is organized flat and on a small scale. A maximum of 50 people work at each Luminis location. As a result, you know all your colleagues and they take good care of each other. There is a lot of room for your own input, so also for your innovative ideas or social contribution. This ensures a lot of innovation, enthusiasm and a pleasant working atmosphere.

Luminis also develops its own products and solutions. For example, we are developing our own model-driven data platform InformationGrid. With our MediGrid solution, we are internationally active in the medical sector. By combining services and our own solutions, we can create even more value for our customers.

Our jobs

Our brand values

We attach great importance to our four brand values:

  • Realizing ambitions. For our customers and for all Luminis employees. We keep raising the bar and pushing the standard.
  • Ownership & Commitment. Luminis employees are proactive and do not wait for something to be asked. We do what is necessary to achieve the desired result.
  • Craftsmanship. Continuously getting better at what you do. Learn every day and share your knowledge.
  • To collaborate. In our opinion this is the foundation for success. There is no room for soloists at Luminis. We do not work for, but with our customers and partners.

Our Culture