At Luminis, we believe we’re better together. That’s why we make sure to commit to intensive partnerships with the main cloud vendors, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft.

Partnership with AWS and Microsoft

Luminis has over ten years’ experience migrating IT environments to the cloud. We’re Consulting Partner of AWS and Gold Partner of Microsoft, meaning we have access to all the knowledge and skills we need, as well as the right contacts within these organisations. We use cloud infrastructure from AWS or Microsoft as a basis, so we can offer outstanding, flexible and scalable services. We can also provide your organisation with objective, bespoke advice.

Consulting Partner AWS

Luminis is Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS, which is currently the world leader in cloud computing. Together with AWS, Luminis can offer flexible and scalable software solutions. Our certified experts are happy to advise you on possible solutions for your organisation. Read more about our solutions with AWS.

Gold Partner Microsoft

Being a Certified Partner of Microsoft’s, Luminis has an intensive working relationship with this tech giant. Luminis encompasses a number of certified experts, who have extensive knowledge of Microsoft technology. Further, Luminis is a Cloud Solution Provider, meaning it can offer Microsoft’s Azure software directly to its customers. Read more about our solutions with Microsoft.