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Many organizations are looking for ways to improve their operational process to gain higher levels of efficiency and to lower their costs. One way to reach this advantage is by connecting devices and sensors and use their data.

This is better know as ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).
We see many organizations struggle with getting real value from their data. They seem stuck in connecting devices and sensors, while this doesn’t add any real value. We think there is a better alternative.

Modulair Software for IoT

Sensors that are used in IoT environments often have a life span of 10+ years, often even longer. Sensors that are built into machines or highways are costly to replace. Therefore it is important to create as much flexibility as possible in your IoT infrastructure. This allows you to explore new opportunities and gather business insights more quickly.

Luminis believes in the power of modular software in order to gain maximum flexibility for your IoT infrastructure. From sensors to crunching data: smart and continuously evolving software will lead to a competitive advantage. Fields such as artificial intelligence are developing at an incredible pace. Therefore you should not depend on the capabilities of your hardware to explore new technologies and applications.

Cloud and edge computing: a powerful combination

An autonomous vehicle generates terabytes of data per day. It is not useful – and often quite complex – to store and process all this data on a central location. That is why the market is shifting from processing all data on a central location towards processing the data close to the devices and sensors. This approach is called edge computing. Edge computing creates several benefits:

  • Connectivity is no longer an issue for large amounts of data.
  • Significant cost savings for connectivity and storage.
  • Data can be processed in realtime close to these sensors. This leads to faster adjustments, insights and improvements close to the sensors.
  • The biggest advantage: simple sensors can become smarter and benefit from smarter and AI powered software. New applications such as artificial intelligence and machine learning become available to simple devices and sensors.

By processing your data close to your devices and sensors you will move towards a future proof IoT infrastructure. With software upgrades you can continuously improve your IoT infrastructure and apply new capabilities

The InformationGrid IoT platform

InformationGrid, the cloud and data platform developed by Luminis, serves as an excellent foundation for your IoT infrastructure. InformationGrid is the central hub where all your data comes together to be analyzed. Your data scientists will love InformationGrid because data can easily be prepared by using domain specific languages (DSLs). Your developers will love InformationGrid because the platform runs on the best cloud infrastructures (AWS and Azure) and is designed to develop and integrate applications quickly. InformationGrid is used for a wide range of applications, from industrial IoT to esports. Its flexibility and scalability have been tested and proven in the field.

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Customer Stories

BDR Thermea

With the smart thermostat and free app, you can control your heating quickly and effortlessly, wherever you are.

Imtech: Traffic system DACH Configurator

Imtech Traffic and Infra develops and integrates high-value traffic systems that influence transition, increase safety and improve the environment. Imtech approached Luminis with a challenge: develop a new multi-country configurator to configure traffic lights at intersections in a user-friendly manner.

INAETICS: an architecture for resilient systems

Solutions for scalable, time-critical systems in a broad scope of applications.

More than 20 years of experience with IoT

Luminis has been involved in IoT projects since its start in 2002, even though the term IoT was not used back then. We have in-depth knowledge of IoT applications, especially in the industrial IoT domain. The most important take away form 15 years of experience: technology evolves so fast that change is the only constant. That led to the core principle that every part of our IoT platform can be replaced and integrated independently.


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