guides consumers through the world of private leasing.

In recent years, private leasing of a car has been on the rise and a growing number of parties are offering it. The result is that there is an enormous offer where providers apply different conditions and what’s the good deal (and what not). is a private lease comparison site where the wishes and requirements of users are central. A one-stop shop in the field of private leasing with the latest prices, information and the full range of multiple providers.

Luminis is responsible for the architecture and construction of both the front and back end application. The React application is fully responsive and optimized for use on mobile devices. With the establishment of a continuous integration & delivery pipeline, Luminis has ensured that future expansions can be implemented efficiently and quickly.


Sander Pagie


Jettro Coenradie

Fellow / Search Evangelist

Maarten Wilschut

Front end / UX developer

Sofie van den Borne

Software Developer

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