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Traditionally everyone in the classroom follows the same learning material at the same tempo. However, we believe that every individual should be given the chance to achieve their maximum. To do this, education will benefit when the student is the heart of the learning process. is a personal digital learning environment. This personalised learning […]

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Teaching students to work with medical models in 3D

Dave (Talking CT) provides an interactive environment for medical professionals to refine their skills when working with 3D models and images. It is designed for training a range of medical professionals at several levels of experience and seniority, including e.g. neurologists, anesthesiologists, surgeons and nurses. It incorporates’s personalisation software to adapt the training to […]

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Finext: Youth care monitor for government

Schulinck, part of Wolters Kluwer, JB Lorenz and Finext combined their expertise to strengthen municipality offices in the control of the social domain.They have a solution which identifies specific risk factors associated with the amount youth care. Luminis has developed the monitor which can be easily integrated into the ‘Grip op… ‘ program of Schulinck, […]

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Silicon Coppélia: Caredroid Alice

Caredroid Alice helps patients with communication and interaction problems. Dr. Dr. Johan F. Hoorn (D. Litt., D. Sc.) developed a psychological model that describes affective decision making for social robots. That model could increase the level of support that Alice provides if it was part of her “brain”. For more information about Alice watch the […]

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INAETICS Open Innovation project

The ever increasing speed of innovation is driven by information technology. It impacts our energy networks, defence and security systems and our oil and gas production systems and much, much more. Current software architectures do not always have the necessary completeness or versatility to provide a reliable basis for these sorts of complex systems. The […]

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Remeha Smart Service Application

When central heating breaks down a quick repair is vital, especially in winter. The problem is that field-service engineers can be faced with a wide variety of different boilers, so quick diagnosis can be complex. The home owner and the engineer need a solution that enables the engineer to diagnose the problem quickly and correctly. […]

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Monuta – Online Insurance Module

Consumers inform themselves on the internet and more and more insurance products are effectively sold online. Monuta has traditionally been a strong player in the traditional market of funeral insurance. In order to reach targeted consumers online and to be successful it is important they are able to find your website. Once the consumer is […]

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OTIB Kennishuis

OTIB is an organisation that strives to develop and warrant the quality of the installation industry. An industry that, with nearly 10,000 employers and 120,000 employees, is one of the largest industries in the Netherlands. One of OTIB’s mission statements is to support its employers and employees in developing their knowledge and skills. The information […]

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Van Dijk Educatie – Webshop

Van Dijk Educatie is a leader in the rental and sale of new and used textbooks. From their headquarters in Kampen they provide some 750,000 students with over 11 million textbooks each year. The web application we developed ensures that participating schools and its students can order their books and other learning materials with ease. […]

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Huuskes – Eten & Zo

The care market is undergoing massive change with small groups of employees increasingly responsible for a wide range of daily health care needs. Meal preparation in particular is time consuming and demands absolute attention to detail. Care homes need a solution that helps their employees to easily and accurately organize specialist food and drink, day […]

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Kersten RTD iServe

Severely disabled people should have the opportunity to live independently, should they wish. However they are often dependent on others and have to use a number of devices to manage their environment. RTD iServe offers a control system which operates from one device. Users can, for example, use a single button to open doors, switch […]

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Elekta: Flexitron Afterloader

Elekta Flexitron Afterloaded platform (market leader in brachytherapy) allows for the treatment of cancers using brachytherapy. Brachytherapy can be used to treat a tumor, by the insertion of a radioactive source (via an applicator) for a precisely targeted treatment. Brachytherapy is generally used as an effective treatment for cervical, prostate, and breast cancer. The operating […]

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Nedap AEOS 3.0: smart security

AEOS is a Nedap Security Management product and is based on intelligent network technology. It allows the connection of almost any type of access device and their management over the internet. AEOS offers freedom of identification on the basis of RFID technology, and verification by fingerprint and iris recognition etc. Luminis supported Nedap in designing […]

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Thales Sensors

Within Thales, the business unit: Thales Sensors provides customers the ability to use, modify and maintain naval systems by providing information, resources, training and support throughout the entire life cycle of these systems. Luminis was commissioned to develop a specific tool to support a maintenance console for radar. The selection of Luminis was influenced by […]

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