Teaching students to work with medical models in 3D

Dave (Talking CT) provides an interactive environment for medical professionals to refine their skills when working with 3D models and images.

It is designed for training a range of medical professionals at several levels of experience and seniority, including e.g. neurologists, anesthesiologists, surgeons and nurses. It incorporates personalization software to adapt the training to the knowledge and level of the student and to monitor learning activity.


In 2014, a demonstration version of the research project ‘Dave’ is developed in cooperation with VU (Free University of Amsterdam: Selemca), IC3Dmedia, PS Medtech and Luminis for Hogeschool InHolland.

Luminis has developed, refined and integrated their learning technology in the CT-scan “Dave”.

Parool – Anatomische les van pratende scan 2014

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