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How do you deal with data fragmentation in your organization? What is your data worth?

Before we could answer these questions, other more important questions had to be answered. Our client Van Oord needed to decide what point on the horizon it was heading for. It also needed to clarify its vision. The answers to these questions would determine whether the existing data solutions still met the company’s needs.

Van Oord is a Dutch family-owned company with over 150 years of experience as an international marine contractor. Marine ingenuity is their trademark and motive in pursuing their goal: to contribute to a better world for future generations.

Advice based on technical and strategic evaluation

To determine whether Van Oord’s existing data landscape was still aligned with its vision, Luminis conducted an evaluation of the company’s current vision, strategy, organization, processes and technology.

We also interviewed stakeholders from the business and IT to identify internal expectations and ambitions. Then we analyzed the data management platform. Van Oord wanted to know, ‘How can we use this platform?’ And ‘What are we trying to achieve?’

I was impressed by the level of openness at Luminis. I was able to discuss things in detail with everyone and we quickly found that we agreed on the main issues and challenges. Luminis was always transparent about the planning. They explained what they were doing and the implications of the feedback from the interviews. As the client, I was always involved in the process. I very much appreciated this proactive approach to stakeholder management. Their final advice was very much to the point, which is not always the case with consultants.

Ralph Staal
Transformation Lead at Van Oord

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Specific and accessible advice

A successful data strategy involves more than just the technology

Based on its evaluation, Luminis advised Van Oord to clarify its vision and strategy and identify its primary process before investing more money in its existing data management platform. Van Oord is now creating a blueprint of its processes and reviewing its vision.

Want to learn more about our views on data strategy? Then read our white paper. In it, we share our knowledge and expertise on the subject and explain the benefits of a modular approach.

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