Dümmen Orange: Flowers go digital

Flowers need to be seen! What started with the realization of a webshop for the entire product range of Dümmen Orange has grown into developing and managing a full service platform.

Dümmen Orange is the world’s largest breeder and grower of ornamental plant products. The platform is designed to provide product information, availability and order status, and is updated and managed in real time by Luminis.

Dümmen Orange customers find the information relevant to them immediately after logging in, where they quickly find what they are looking for. By combining data from different systems in a innovative way, growers can see in one overview what the product characteristics are and in which weeks these products are available. An alternative is offered in case of no or insufficient availability based on the product characteristics.

Developing an up-to-date, searchable catalog, in 9 languages

Because Dümmen Orange operates globally, the platform works in 9 languages for different regions and countries.


Thanks to a smart database connection, the online catalog is always synchronized with current, regional availability. Data such as photos, availability and info of products must reach the customer quickly. On this platform, customers of Dümmen Orange can:

  • order products in the webshop;
  • report their licenses in the royalty reporter;
  • follow their order in the track & trace application;
  • view valuable information about the product range in the data acquisition tool, which is transferred to various applications.

Luminis has been a strong partner for years. Together we developed and implemented a product roadmap based on customer value. We implemented important interfaces between our back end systems and customer facing tooling and delivered important services such as a web shop, a track & trace module and a solution for customers to report royalties. Their agile way of working keeps us flexible and our shared goals ensure reliable software solutions for our customers.

Kevin Laros
Customer Operations Director EMEA, Dummen Orange

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Sustainable solutions together with customers

Thanks to smart technology, Dümmen Orange customers always find the right information quickly. This also keeps Dümmen Orange technologically at the forefront of its industry.

For Dümmen Orange’s customers, a fast, innovative and up-to-date platform is most important to quickly find what they are looking for. Because it deals with perishable products in different stages, real-time stock information is crucial.

To avoid throwing away surplus, a too-good-to-go principle has been introduced on the platform. In this way, products that no longer meet shelf-life requirements can still be sold at a nice price.

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