Transparent donation with LittleBitz

LittleBitz is a peer-to-peer platform that makes it possible to donate money to refugees in a direct and transparent way, at minimal costs. A mobile application has been developed to make this possible. The first pilot, which is currently running, connects thousands of refugees who are staying in Jordan with new donors. A verified UNHCR database is used with refugees who for the most part live outside the refugee camps. These refugees have little or no access to work or money, so every little bit helps. As soon as the money donated via the LittleBitz app has arrived in Jordan, the refugees will receive a text message. Within two weeks they can withdraw the money at an ATM, using iris scan technology and which does not require a bank account.

Luminis is responsible for the backend of this application. This includes an authentication mechanism, linking to external systems of UNHCR and a payment service provider and REST endpoints to support the donation process. Unique to this project is that many different parties are involved and therefore a lot of coordination is needed with all parties. This is usually done remotely. Luminis is one of the links in the project and is working with all other stakeholders to create a great end product that invites people to donate in an easy way.


Sander Pagie


Allon Sander

Software Developer

Jettro Coenradie

Fellow / Search Evangelist

Rafaƫla Phaf

Software Developer

Roberto van der Linden

Software Developer

Sofie van den Borne

Software Developer

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