Eijsink booq

When it comes to optimisation and facilitating business processes, Eijsink offers a total solution. The services Eijsink provide are far-ranging: from cash registers and bar & kitchen management, to staff planning and webshops with cash register connection. Eijsink are the link that connects entrepreneurs with their customers and their suppliers.

Under the names WinSale and Vectron, Eijsink has been providing cash register solutions for hospitality, catering, leisure, retail, sports and healthcare for years. 

Continuous modernization

With booq, Eijsink has added an in-house developed platform that includes cash register solutions.

The platform is designed in such a way that everyone from managers and business leaders to back office employees can easily get to work.

Expanding to a cloud-based solution enables a low-threshold solution. This solution simplifies the management of businesses with multiple locations. This is a major advantage and was more complicated to realize with the previous generation of products. This solution enables Eijsink to develop customer functionality quicker and within a solid architecture. The platform is ‘cloud-compatible’, which is in-line with Eijsink’s goal of continuous modernization.

“Teamwork does the job. At Eijsink Software Development we are extremely aware of the importance of teamwork and how good teamwork positively impacts results. This also applies to the acquisition of knowledge and knowledge sharing. That is why we have been working with our knowledge partner Luminis for years in the fields of Software Architecture, Engineering and optimizing the Agile process. Luminis has proven to be a strong partner on this front.”

Jan-Dirk Bel
Software Development Manager at Eijsink

Realize customer functionality

Luminis gave the development of the booq Back Office platform an extra boost by providing Eijsink with architecture, training and on-the-job coaching over the course of six months.

Meanwhile, together with Luminis, an international Eijsink team is currently working within the architecture provided to realize customer functionality and the guided evolution of the architecture.

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