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Esports has experienced a significant growth in recent years. Esports has long outgrown the stage of gaming in the living room or bedroom. Millions of people worldwide are watching esports competitions at home, as well as increasingly larger locations. Hundreds of professional esports teams compete in sports such as football, basketball and car racing. The Official F1® Racing Centre saw a great opportunity for a new concept in sim racing.

Share the adrenaline with your friends

Formula 1, as the king of racing, has been attracting a worldwide and large audience for decades. The fans follow the race weekends from start to finish, as well as the news about the teams and drivers.

Racing yourself in a car on a track is not accessible to everyone. That’s why Official F1® Racing Centre has come up with a new concept where groups of up to 20 people can race together in the same space in professional racing simulators. These provide a realistic representation and experience. By racing together, beautiful and exciting moments are shared and beautiful memories are made.

In 2020 “The Official F1® Racing Center” will open its doors in “the Wall” next to the A2 near Utrecht. Through the official partnership with the Formula 1 organization, Official F1® Racing Centre can offer its guests the true Formula 1 experience through licensed tracks, teams and merchandise.

The question of Official F1® Racing Centre

Luminis business unit Studio 397 focuses on professional race simulator software and competition infrastructure. Official F1® Racing Centre came into contact with Studio 397 and from there discussions arose about the infrastructure for the Racing Center concept. Luminis was asked to deliver a booking platform in a very short time with which reservations can be made and paid quickly and easily. Site administrators should be able to easily manage reservations, prices and vouchers.

InformationGrid as a development and data platform

Official F1® Racing Centre asked Luminis to develop the booking platform. Because this had to be delivered in a short time and because they want to do a lot with the customer and reservation data, InformationGrid was chosen as the development and data platform.

The power of InformationGrid is that after defining the various data schemes, the corresponding APIs, web components and management screens can be created with just a few clicks. This saves a lot of development time and therefore costs and lead time.

Another powerful aspect of InformationGrid is that data models can change without having to migrate the underlying data. This allows the Official F1® Racing Centre to add extra functionality at a low cost. For example, vouchers and flexible pricing models were introduced during the project. These could be added with little effort.

The event-based architecture of InformationGrid makes it possible to handle data in real time. Reservations are, for example, events that can be handled in multiple places. InformationGrid can implement real-time operations and present the data in overviews and dashboards.

This method offers advantages in terms of stability, manageability and development speed compared to traditional databases.

The result for Official F1® Racing Centre

Luminis built the booking platform with two developers and delivered it in just a few weeks.

Niels Roodenburg, managing director of the Official F1® Racing Centre was pleased with the result: “Given the ever-growing popularity of Formula 1 in the Netherlands, we are delighted to open the first Official F1® Racing Center. Luminis has helped us well and achieved a good result. ”

The development of the platform and the possibilities continue. For example, nice new steps can be taken to get even more value from the data so that the visitors have an even more complete experience before, during and after racing.


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Niels Boogaard

Senior software engineer

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