Motorsport Games acquires Luminis subsidiary Studio 397


Amersfoort, The Netherlands, March 3, 2021. Luminis signed an agreement this week with Motorsport Games Inc. focused on the full acquisition of Studio 397, including high-end racing simulation software rFactor 2. The acquisition enables both companies to further expand their strong position in esports through the use of virtual racing events and competitions based on the rFactor 2 platform. For Luminis this means a new phase for its subsidiary, which was started by its own employees. The Studio 397 and rFactor 2 brands will continue to exist.

In 2020, Studio 397 and Motorsport Games organized the largest esports event in the world: the virtual 24 hours of Le Mans. At this globally televised event, watched by 63 million people, Motorsport saw the power of Studio 397 and rFactor 2. As a publicly traded publisher of sim racing events, games and publications, Motorsport Games saw opportunities for Studio 397 and rFactor 2 to offer viewers and users an even better experience. Motorsport Games intends to further invest in the rFactor 2 platform and use rFactor 2 as the standard for all new racing games and publications.

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Studio 397 was started in 2016 by Marcel Offermans, who has worked since the start of Luminis in various roles such as architect and director of Luminis Technologies. From a strong passion for sim racing, Marcel started a collaboration with Image Space Incorperated (ISI) in 2016. rFactor 2 is a high-end racing simulator, known worldwide for its realism in terms of tire dynamics, aerodynamics, weather, sound and the detailed race tracks. This ensures a realistic racing experience and challenges the drivers to perform better.

In recent years, the development of rFactor 2 has accelerated. The racing sim has been expanded with new features, cars, tracks, competition options and a new interface. This made the use of rFactor 2 an unavoidable option for professional esports leagues and competitions. Many well-known (former) Formula 1 drivers use rFactor 2 for training and for participating in esports competitions. Studio 397 worked closely with well-known car brands such as McLaren, Porsche and BMW. This is how Studio 397 built up a strong name in the racing sim world in a short time.

Marcel Offermans, Managing Director of Studio 397, is looking positively at the development: “Following the growth of rFactor 2 over the past five years, we are delighted to take the next step with Motorsport Games, driving rFactor 2 forward and our advanced simulation technology. to be integrated in future projects. We share a common ambition with Motorsport Games to be the best at what we do. ”

Hans Bossenbroek, CEO and co-founder of Luminis, has mixed feelings: “Studio 397 has always had a special place with me. I always proudly said that Luminis collaborated from Studio 397 with companies such as McLaren, Porsche and BMW. For me, Studio 397 is about innovation, about getting the most out of technology. Despite their limited size, their talent and drive enabled them to conquer the hearts of many motorsport enthusiasts. Studio 397 is a confirmation for me that stimulating passion and entrepreneurship leads to wonderful independent companies that can grow and mature under the Luminis banner. Unfortunately, the moment will come when they can grow better at another organization. Despite the fact that this is the best for all parties, it feels double to me. ”

“This planned acquisition is another clear sign of our intention to establish Motorsport Games as the leader in virtual racing,” said Dmitry Kozko, CEO of Motorsport Games. We can bring our experience and knowledge to maximize the potential of the rFactor 2 platform, while also having exclusive access to the very best technology for our future projects. ”

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