Luminis’ Jurgen Allewijn accepted as Microsoft MVP in Cloud Native


Luminis colleague Jurgen Allewijn can call himself Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in the field of Cloud Native. This acknowledgment is a fantastic recognition of Jurgen’s knowledge and skills. Luminis is extremely proud of Jurgen’s efforts within our organization, for our customers and, in relation to Microsoft.

The Microsoft MVP program is a Microsoft initiative to recognize individuals who excel in their expertise in Microsoft technology areas and actively contribute to the Microsoft community. These experts, called MVPs, are selected based on their technical capability, demonstrated contributions to the community and willingness to share knowledge.

The MVPs represent a diverse group of professionals, including developers, IT professionals, architects, educators, and community leaders, each with in-depth knowledge of specific Microsoft products, platforms or technologies. As a Microsoft MVP in Cloud Native, Jurgen has demonstrated extraordinary knowledge, dedication and passion for advancing Cloud-native technologies and supporting others within the industry.

Jurgen, part of Luminis as an Azure Cloud architect and consultant since August 2021, is committed to Microsoft on a daily basis. Both as an expert to help customers get the best possible solutions, but also as a thought leader and community leader for our colleagues and others. As such, Jurgen can be found at conferences regularly to demonstrate and share his knowledge.

In reaction to the news that Jurgen can call himself Microsoft MVP, he said:

“I am extremely excited to be part of the MVP community. I am looking forward to the conversations I will have with the product groups and the access to Microsoft resources that I can call upon. With the result of being able to serve our customers and the community even better.”

Luminis is incredibly proud of Jurgen for achieving this impressive milestone. This recognition not only highlights Jurgen’s expertise and dedication, but also reflects the caliber of talent we have in house. We are very happy to have Jurgen as part of Luminis, and we look forward to continuing to support him in his ongoing efforts as an expert and thought leader in the Microsoft community.

Ronald Voets, Managing Director of Luminis, says the following about the attribution of MVP to Jurgen:

“That Jurgen has been accepted as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in the area of ‘Cloud Native’ is fantastic news! Not only because it recognizes Jurgen’s individual expertise and contributions, but it also provides a platform for further growth, collaboration and impact within the Microsoft community and beyond. We look forward to the opportunities this will bring Jurgen.”

As Microsoft MVP, Jurgen is granted access to exclusive resources, collaboration opportunities and direct communication with Microsoft product groups. Jurgen will continue to represent Luminis within the Microsoft technology community, sharing his expertise, insights and best practices to drive innovation and development.

Do you want to congratulate Jurgen personally or learn more or what we can do for you in the Microsoft technology field? Contact or send Jurgen a message on LinkedIn.