Eleven Software Development and Opserve become part of Luminis


With due pride, Luminis announces today that Eleven Software Development and Opserve from Rijswijk become part of IT consulting company Luminis. Joining Luminis offers Eleven and Opserve the opportunity to further shape their growth ambitions.

Apeldoorn, September 26th, 2023 – During the first meeting between Luminis and the Rijswijk companies, it was immediately apparent that all parties have a number of important things in common. Values such as craftsmanship and collaboration with clients are important parts of their DNA. Within the organizations Eleven and Opserve, and Luminis, there is lots of room for knowledge sharing and learning from each other, and the offices form a nice home base for all colleagues.

Eleven has been realizing high-quality software for its customers since 2009, developing long-term relationships with them. Opserve provides management and monitoring of Linux servers and arranges migration of applications to the Cloud. Luminis was founded in 2002 and helps organizations innovate with smart solutions in the field of Cloud and data.

Don Olsthoorn, Commercial Director Eleven and Opserve:
“With this collaboration, we gain access to more knowledge and expertise and the synergy between the companies allows us to increase our commercial strength. We’ll be able to respond even better to challenges in our client projects and our broadened perspective enables us to accelerate innovation for our customers.”

Eleven customers are supported by fixed teams that proactively provide value through professionalism and customer knowledge. Not only does Eleven develop software for its customers, it also takes care of server management and migrations of applications to the Cloud through sister organization Opserve. Luminis offers customers a very similar service through Luminis Cloud Services (LCS) and will now be able to strengthen these services thanks to the capabilities of Opserve.

Ronald Voets, Managing Director Luminis:
“Eleven and Opserve are great companies that, like Luminis, strive to add value for its customers as quickly as possible. The management team of Eleven and Opserve was looking to strengthen their organization to enable further growth. There is plenty of room for this within Luminis and together we will realize those growth ambitions.”

Eleven and Opserve employees will continue to work for their customers from their current office in Rijswijk. This collaboration provides an opportunity to analyze the customer base of both Luminis and Eleven and Opserve in order to share the expertise and knowledge of the organizations with current and new customers.

Luminis is part of Yuma, a new player in the field of digital transformation. Yuma combines a people-centric approach with a hands-on mentality and best-in-class expertise. Since Eleven and Opserve are now part of Luminis, they’re also part of the bigger Yuma group.

Pascal Laffineur, CEO Yuma:
“Eleven and Opserve, through Luminis, will strengthen Yuma’s ambition and strategy to provide best-in-class expertise in digital transformations. By establishing long-term relationships with their clients in fixed teams, they are a great addition to the companies within the Yuma group.”


Eleven and Opserve Board members decided to join Luminis

About Eleven and Opserve
Eleven develops high-quality software and builds long-term relationships with their clients. Since 2009, Eleven realized 500+ projects with 200+ customers, such as DELTA Fiber Nederland, Koninklijke Metaalunie, Royal FloraHolland, Dümmen Orange, Stigas, Noviflora and Syngenta, and they have grown to a team of 23 professionals. Opserve is growing strong in serving Eleven customers and other companies in Linux server management, and is active as an AWS Consulting Partner to help developers migrate applications to AWS Cloud. www.eleven.nl, www.opserve.nl

About Luminis
Luminis helps organizations innovate successfully. The world of technology is constantly changing, and the complexity and speed of this change continues to increase. The organization has 150 employees, has offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Arnhem and Apeldoorn, and provides its services to, for example, Alliander, Huuskes, BDR Thermea, bol.com and The Learning Network.

About Yuma
Yuma is a new group in BeNeLux that puts people first in digital transformations. This best-in-class expertise is provided by the combination of companies that make up the group: XPLUS, Total Design, Luminis and BPSOLUTIONS. More companies are expected to join the group. Yuma expects a turnover of about 100 million euros this year and is working with 400 employees spread across the BeNeLux. www.weareyuma.com