New release of the InformationGrid available

Hans Bossenbroek - 22 February 2019

Apeldoorn – On Monday February 4th a new version of the InformationGrid was released. The InformationGrid is Luminis’ low code aPaaS for the development of data-intensive cloud-native applications. In this release a number of new features were introduced to further maximize the productivity of analysts and developers. 

The new release (named Dochamps.1 ), contains the following improvements:
• Integration with Microsoft PowerBI to support ad hoc data analysis
• Uses the latest Amdatu Blueprint to feature improved security and infrastructure
• More advanced features in the DSL editors
• Support for pipe-and-filter architectures for advanced event processing
• Lots of small fixes and updates

De Dochamps.1 release of the InformationGrid has been extensively tested during internal alfa-tests and beta-tests in production environments.

Interested to know more? For more information please contact Raymond ter Riet (

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