Luminis ISO 270001 certified despite the corona crisis


Luminis passed the ISO 27001 audit without any remarks this week. This shows that Luminis meets the requirements regarding information security and is well structured in terms of processes. For customers, this means that services and product development proceed according to predictable steps.

Arjan Schaaf, senior cloud architect, is responsible for the implementation of ISO 27001 within Luminis. Arjan is proud that the certification was successful: “After the last test, we still had a number of points for attention. We solved these immediately. We also had confidence in a good outcome. ” Certainly in the last few weeks, the process went quite differently: “Due to the corona crisis, the audit was carried out remotely. This was not a problem for the document assessment and the interviews. With the physical inspection, I walked through our office with a camera while the auditor watched live and asked questions. It was also a special situation for the auditor!”.

Arjan Schaaf - projectleider ISO 27001 certificering

Arjan Schaaf – projectleider ISO 27001 certificering

Raymond ter Riet, director of Luminis Technologies, is also pleased that the ISO certification has been completed: “We consider information security essential for all the products and services we provide to our customers. Due to the rapid growth of Luminis, we have started to serve increasingly larger customers. Also in sectors where information security must meet the highest standards, for example in the health and education sector. More and more customers are using our data-as-a-service platform InformationGrid and use this platform to capture large amounts of confidential information. Of course we have always paid a lot of attention to securing the data of our customers. With this certification, we now also formally demonstrate that we have properly organized our organization, solutions and processes for this.”

Clearly defined processes

Was it an easy process? Arjan explains: “A large group of colleagues has worked hard on this. As a technology company, we have excellent security and technical matters. We have a cloud infrastructure that allows 100% remote working, so we were able to switch immediately when we were no longer allowed to come to the office. We have spent even more time on documenting our processes. This directly helps us in our further growth, because we have clearer processes and new employees can always check our processes and way of working.”

New certifications

And are there any new plans for certification Arjan? “We are Amazon Web Services consulting partner and Microsoft Gold partner. This means that many colleagues are engaged in certifications in the field of the latest cloud technology several times a year. We have already helped many organizations in the cloud field, and have seen further acceleration in recent months due to the corona crisis. That is why we will be drawing even more attention to AWS and Microsoft Azure certifications in the near future. ”

More information

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