Luminis organizes the fifth edition of DevCon

Denise Neurink - 18 April 2019

Utrecht – On Thursday 11 April 2019, Luminis organized the fifth edition of its annual developer community event, DevCon. The conference not only focused on developments in the field of Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and the latest trends in software technology, but also delved into the ethical and cultural considerations involved in the Internet and the application of technology.

The conference was opened by Hans Bossenbroek (CEO of Luminis) reflecting on the developments in the past 5 years in the realm of social coding, the applicability of technology and professionalism. Marleen Stikker (director of Waag Society) followed up by delving into the ethics of Artificial Intelligence and big data and used examples to explain how open strategies impact municipalities and business models.

This year, Luminis organized its fifth edition of DevCon in the Pathé Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht. The extensive anniversary program, provided by Luminis employees for the 500 attending software developers, consisted of a wide range of subjects. With topics including Voice User Interfaces, the human brain, Cloud Native computing and game development, the event offered compelling insights for everyone.

Besides serious technical subject matter, the attendees were invited to think outside the box and laugh with the well-known stand-up comedian and mathematician Matt Parks, who entertained DevCon’s audience with humorous examples of maths mistakes. The recently graduated Sam van Geijn’s hobby project, The Dutch Rap Generator, was highly rated in the conference App.

Luminis organizes the DevCon with no sponsors, no targeted recruitment and no direct commercial objectives. By following these leading principles, Luminis is able to organize a conference “for developers by developers”; with knowledge sharing and human interaction at its core. All Luminis DevCon presentations were filmed and will be published online.