Luminis releases a new version of the InformationGrid

Luminis - 5 November 2018

Apeldoorn – On Monday November 5th a new version of the InformationGrid was releasedThe InformationGrid is a PaaS with high productivity characteristics for the development of data-intensive cloud-native applications. By using the combination of domain-specific languages (DSL) and declarative models, the InformationGrid aims to minimize hand-crafted code. By combining this with a multi-cloud infrastructure, a next generation application environment has become available. In this release a number of new features was introduced to further optimise the productivity of analysts and developers. 

The Cauberg.1 release, which will be available as a PaaS, contains the following improvements:
• A new DSL and trace facility for the description of projections of document collections
• A new DSL-basede form component for the description of user interfaces
• A migration tool for the GDPR-compliant ‘right to be forgotten’ allowing for the encryption of events from the past
• Improved developer productivity by enriching the existing toolset
• Improved native support for decimals, dates, timestamps and money types  in schemas

De Cauberg.1 release of the InformationGrid has been extensively tested during internal alfa-tests and beta-tests in production environments.

Interested to know more? For more information please contact Raymond ter Riet (


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