Roparun and Luminis announce partnership

Luminis - 12 April 2019

Rotterdam – On March 1st, 2019, Roparun and Luminis announced that they are starting a partnership with the intent to transform Roparun’s IT. This partnership aims to help Roparun to benefit from the advantages of Cloud computing and data intelligence. The long term objective is to optimize the funding efficiency of the organization’s charitable work.

Photo: Wiljan Vloet and Alex Hoeksma

Photo: Wiljan Vloet and Alex Hoeksma

Roparun, ready for the future

Since 1992, Roparun has been committed to supportive care for people with cancer. The annual Roparun event, that takes place during Whitsun weekend, is thus aptly named ‘the run for life’. Year after year, thousands of participants are involved with Roparun, which is made possible by the efforts of hundreds of volunteers and the support of the organization’s staff. The event has grown considerably over the past years. The first steps are now being taken to ensure improved support for employees, volunteers and participants in the future.

Strategic partnership

Roparun has entered into a partnership with Luminis to implement these plans. Roparun director Wiljan Vloet: “We have found a strategic partner in Luminis and we foresee a long-term partnership. It is good to know that they believe in Roparun’s objective and will be actively contributing to finding the best solutions.” The first system to be developed will form the starting point within Roparun and will be extended further in the future. Luminis will be contributing part of its efforts and services itself. Luminis director Alex Hoeksma: “Roparun is an outstanding Rotterdam-based initiative, and we are proud to be able to support them. Luminis aims to have an impact with software, and we are keen to help raise more money for palliative care.”

The run for life

Roparun is a relay race starting from both Paris and Hamburg to Rotterdam, where participants in teams raise money for the palliative care for people with cancer. The teams participating in 2018 raised over 5 million euros. Roparun offers financial support to dozens of projects annually. The 28th edition of Roparun will take place from 8 to 10 June 2019.

Innovative entrepreneurship with heart

Luminis is focused on developing innovative solutions for clients for whom IT and the Internet have strategic value. The company’s 200 employees work in small business units throughout the Netherlands and the UK. That way, Luminis stays close to its customers. With the combination of consultancy services and (largely Cloud-based) products, Luminis offers solutions that make optimal use of the Cloud, the Internet of Things and big data. Where possible, Luminis applies Open Source and Open Standards.