Kevin Prak

Talent Acquisition

At Luminis I focus on looking for talented new colleagues. A wonderful task in which I represent a fantastic company.  Within Luminis we have a lot of knowledge about Cloud technology. It really helps that you are given a lot of freedom within Luminis to develop into a specialist. You get all the time and space you need and are equipped with the necessary tools.

Together with my colleagues, we focus om facilitating a pleasant application process for candidates. From the first contact to starting off your first day at Luminis just right. My goal is to help you feed comfortable and find your own place within the organisation. Are you curious about working at Luminis? Feel free to contact us! We can always make time for a cup of coffee and exchange ideas. I am very curious about your wishes regarding the next steps in your career.


Gazar about Luminis; “No empty promises”

Gazar Ajroumjan worked for another company for a while after college, dabled in midlancing, but eventually decided he could learn more in a permanent position. That is how he ended up at Luminis. Tell us Gazar, what was your job...

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