Devoxx4Kids Zwolle


Programming is cool!

Are you between 10 and 14 years old and have you always wanted to build your own robot, develop a game or be the boss of a Minecraft-world?

Then, join us in Zwolle on Saturday 9 november 2019. Because at that moment, the best (and coolest) computer programmers of Luminis will teach you exactly how to do this. How? By teaching you how to program on real computers! You will not learn from books but you can do it yourself directly in our workshops!

Why learn how to program?

Because it is very cool to build your own robot and develop your own game of course! You will learn a lot on this day. You will learn to think creatively, fix problems and work together with other kids to get the best results. The best thing is, you can save everything and finish it at home if you want.

The workshops

There will be 4 different rooms, with different cool themes. For example, you can learn how to build your own robot and how to control it with Lego Mindstorms. Also, you can build your own game by programming in Python, and you can make a game extension in Minecraft! How cool is that? You will take part in 3 of 4 different workshops. Every workshop lasts 1,5 hours. 

Have you ever been before at one of our Devoxx4Kids events? Please, do come back, because all of our workshops have been renewed! Above all they are easy to follow for all levels. For the the beginners there is an extra explanation and for the advanced kids there are challenging bonus assignments.

The agenda

We will start at 9.00 am with a short introduction about the schedule of the day. At 10.00 am your parents will go home, and you can start the coolest workshops. During the day there will be all kinds of food and drinks. After the workshops are over, at 4.30 pm everyone can show their parents what they have learned and achieved this day.

This edition of Luminis Devoxx4Kids has been made possible by Hogeschool VIAA. Luminis and VIAA are sharing the same interest to teach kids how to program.