Product Discovery

Product Discovery means understanding your users, customers and the domain in which you operate. This is critical to the success of your digital product or service. It provides insight into the true challenges and opportunities, allowing you to provide the right solutions.

Luminis helps gain this insight through qualitative research methods. By using this insight, you develop real solutions to real problems, which is the basis for the success of any product.

When should you consider Product Discovery?

The most obvious reason to consider Product Discovery is before starting the development of a digital product or service.

However, the following situations are also good reasons to include Product Discovery in the development process, for example when you don’t know the domain, your customer or user very well yet, or just need an unbiased view. When a product or service is already developed, it can also be interesting to consider Product. Discovery, because that way you can find out whether your product or service solves the right problems for your user.

How does Product Discovery work?

The Product Discovery process can be reduced to four basic steps:

  • First the correct method must be selected. This depends on the product or service you want to develop, and the customer or users who need to be satisfied with it.
  • Second, the method needs be executed.
  • Third, the findings from this phase can be written down, this is the third step in the Product Discovery process.
  • Finally, the process ends with a feedback moment to conclude.

What does Product Discovery provide?

The results will of course vary per case.

Three results you should expect are:

  • insight into your domain, your customer and your user;
  • clarity about what really matters to your customer and user;
  • a solid foundation for your future investment in the product or service.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that the development process runs even more smoothly and that the customer receives a product or service that is more tailored to their unique wishes and expectations.

Customer Stories

Huuskes: a digital transformation

"As a company you have a strong, professional partner in Luminis. They are committed, realistic and proactive. Luminis helps Huuskes to distinguish itself in the market", says Gerben Hengeveld.


The smart software makes it easier for Bronkhorst's customers to install, test, modify and read out products.


Reading out and reprogramming motor settings is often reserved for technicians, or people using Jifeline.


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