Solutions in the cloud with Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is world leader when it comes to cloud computing. AWS technology allows Luminis to create flexible and scalable software solutions. Being an AWS partner means that Luminis not only has access to the knowledge and skills required for cloud solutions, but also to the right people within these organisations. Our certified experts are happy to advise about the possibilities AWS can offer your company.

Advantages of Amazon Web Services

An AWS cloud solution offers many advantages, including:

  • Immediate access to an infrastructure and development platforms to start experimenting, with little or no initial costs
  • Only paying for the capacity that’s used. AWS adapts itself to the users’ needs, without the need to invest upfront or pay high monthly fees
  • The possibility to offer cloud solutions without having to have a private cloud infrastructure in operation
  • Ease in changing, increasing or quitting a project.

Market leader AWS

AWS is not only the largest cloud-infrastructure provider in the world, but also the most innovative, especially when it comes to bringing out new cloud technologies. Therefore, AWS provides a large amount of application programming interfaces and services on its platform. On top of that, since 2005 it has gathered an extraordinary amount of knowledge about cloud computing. Click here for all AWS products and solutions.

Cloud solutions based on AWS

Luminis offers scalable software solutions based on AWS cloud infrastructure. There are many standard services available. Among these, on-demand computing and on-demand storage are the most popular ones. AWS has more to offer though. This means it’s essential to not only have extensive knowledge of its services, but also relevant experience working with cloud technology: this happens to be one of Luminis’ main areas of expertise. Read more about our cloud solutions.

Certified AWS Solution architects and developers

Luminis has been recognised as a consulting partner by AWS. This means we conform to a strict set of rules that are verified each year by AWS. Our knowledge and experience with AWS’ rich cloud infrastructure means we can support our customers quickly and efficiently. Organisations can only be competitive in our current digital platform economy by offering speed, efficiency and a short time-to-market. Cloud infrastructure is a crucial component in this, which we can supply easily with the AWS platform. Our Luminis experts are often certified AWS Solution Architects or Developers.

Discover the AWS potential

Would you like to know more about the solutions AWS can provide for your organisation? Our certified AWS Solution Architects can show you the possibilities. Would you like to explore the possible savings cloud infrastructure can offer? Then you can use the online AWS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator.

We are happy to offer you advice, without any obligation from your side, about what AWS can offer your organisation. Get in touch so we can tell more!