White paper Modular Data Strategy

What is a modular data strategy? How do I get started on a modular data strategy? Download the free white paper.

Gain more value from your data with a modular data strategy. In this white paper we give you insights on how to implement a modular data strategy in your organization taking into account your governance, responsibilities and technologies.

In this white paper you will learn about:

The most important characteristics of a modular data strategy
Relevant models and insights
The essentials for a successful transition



Who is Luminis and what do we do?

Luminis is a software technology company with offices in Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. In these offices, more than 150 professionals work on high-tech solutions for our customers, which include brands like KLM, Nike and Bol.com. Luminis provides consulting services in the fields of cloud technology, IT consultancy, dataOps and design. In addition, we have developed our own data-as-a-service cloud platform called InformationGrid, which helps our customers with their data management.

Is this white paper free?

Yes, it is! We at Luminis like to share knowledge, it’s part of our DNA and is actually one of our company’s core values. We believe sharing knowledge allows us to develop solutions to problems, and work together on improving the efficiency of organisations. Therefore we like to share information though white papers, articles, books, videos, blogs and events.

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