Bert Ertman

VP Technology

Bert is VP Technology at Luminis. Bert has been recognized by Sun/Oracle as Java Champion, several times distinguished as JavaOne Rockstar Speaker and has received twice the prestigious Duke’s Choice Award for Java’s innovative applications. Bert regularly speaks at conferences around the world on topics like Java, Cloud and software architecture. Bert is also the author of the book ‘Building Modular Cloud Applications with OSGi’, published by O’Reilly in 2013.


Keep innovating with cloud Services

If we have learned one thing from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that the online world has taken a prominent place in our existence and can no longer be ignored. Its biggest driver? The cloud. Increasingly companies realise that their...


Introduction to Cloud Native Computing [Luminis DevCon 2019]

As we gained experience with PaaS, VMs, containers, DevOps, continuous integration and microservices architectures, a new IT environment arose from this melting pot. By building greenfield applications with the intent of using agile application development and architecting specifically for the...

Introduction to Cloud Native Computing  [Luminis DevCon 2019]

White paper Cloud migration

Cloud migration: 5 effective steps towards a successful result. Download our free white paper. Do you want to migrate your organisation’s systems to the cloud? A cloud migration provides speed and efficiency, among many other advantages. This white paper is...

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