AWS Cloud Migration

The continuous innovation and advancement of the IT landscape often includes migrating to the cloud. There are several cloud infrastructure suppliers to choose from.

At Luminis, we have extensive experience in migrations to the AWS cloud computing platform. AWS and Luminis provide a complete and proven approach for migrating to the cloud so that you can achieve cloud benefits faster.

How it works

The ways in which Luminis can help you migrate to the AWS cloud computing platform include:

  • Support creating your business case for cloud migration and developing a migration plan
  • Advising on architecture and technology choices
  • Temporarily adding extra resources to your project such as architects, engineers, product owners and/or a scrum master.
  • Educating and training your employees through the Luminis Academy.

Because they are knowledgable on the subject on cloud and cloud transitions, and because they are able to balance between advocating the benefits of cloud and the pitfalls or hype cycle of it.

Louis Andriese
NN Group / OHRA

Foundation for rapid innovation

Migrating to AWS with Luminis is the first step to modernizing your technical platform and creating a foundation for rapid innovation.

From lower costs to increased speed, AWS helps businesses focus more on core competencies and reimagine how they work and innovate. AWS has helped thousands of organizations migrate to the cloud with a proven approach to achieve business objectives faster.

Navigating the migration process

The migration process has three phases of activities: 1) assess, 2) mobilize, and 3) migrate and modernize. As you iterate and migrate more applications, AWS and Luminis help you drive repeatability and predictability in processes and procedures, and deliver faster migrations.

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Customer Stories

Goudappel: cloud-native strategie

Luminis helps Goudappel outline its transformation strategy and continuously improve its software delivery process.

OHRA cloud migration

Luminis migrated all OHRA's custom applications from an on-premises data center to the Cloud


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Why choose Luminis?

We offer a proven track record in handling cloud migrations for both large organizations (such as the OHRA insurance company) and small businesses.

  • 20 years’ experience in enterprise software engineering.
  • support throughout the process: from business case to implementation to management.
  • extensive knowledge of all AWS services from storage to analytics to search.


Want to learn more about AWS cloud migration?

Feel free to contact our expert Sander Pagie.

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