UX Review

What is a UX Review? Receive practical recommendations to increase the value of your product or service and increase competitiveness. A UX Review is an objective review by our Luminis product experts.

How a user experiences your digital product or service determines your success. Through a UX Review, the user experience of your digital product or service is thoroughly analyzed by our product experts. It brings attention to problems that users possibly are experiencing with your product and offers suggestions on how to improve the experience.

When should you consider a UX Review?

Our independent Luminis product experts take a fresh look at your product or service. You can consider a UX Review in such situations as those mentioned below.

For example, when the user experience of the product is underexposed or unknown. Likewise, when your product or service delivers less than you expected or it gets a low rating but you can’t put point out the problem yourself. We also recommend a UX Review if you want to know whether the user experience of your product can be even better than it already is.

How does the process of a UX Review proceed?

Our product experts approach the UX Review of the product or service according to the roadmap outlined below. Of course, it can be personalized to fit different situations or unique cases.

  • In interviews, we find out the goals of stakeholders;
  • With observations we map the user experience;
  • The user interface is tested according to the most important standards;
  • Problems and areas for improvement are identified and prioritized;
  • Possible design directions for improvement are provided.

What are the benefits of a UX Review?

Of course, the benefits of a UX Review depend on what specific answers you want to draw from the analyses and vary from case to case. You can expect the following results in any case:

  • a digital report with the findings that you can easily share;
  • the UX Maturity Rating that rates the user experience with a number of stars;
  • advice on improvements (quick and big wins) to increase your rating.

Customer Stories

BDR Thermea

With the smart thermostat and free app, you can control your heating quickly and effortlessly, wherever you are.

Huuskes: a digital transformation

"As a company you have a strong, professional partner in Luminis. They are committed, realistic and proactive. Luminis helps Huuskes to distinguish itself in the market", says Gerben Hengeveld.

Remeha Smart Service Application

Remeha has developed an app that allows engineers to make a wireless connection with the boiler. This allows them to easily read the data, diagnose the problem and solve it.


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