We focus on value

We are convinced that progress requires a blend of domain knowledge and expertise. You know your business and we know how information technology can be used. We focus on creating value by cooperating with clients, partners and other stakeholders in value networks. Our worlds converse where we identify, create and seize opportunities together.

We believe in sharing

The open source principle innovates and delivers value through co-creation. Sharing simply makes economic sense. At Luminis we actively support and contribute to the open source developer community and engage in joint R&D with our customers. The exchange of knowledge and ideas through our publications, training programmes and contributions to international conferences are an ongoing source of inspiration.

We love technology

We know that technology can make a difference in business, society, and life in general. We seek relevance through embracing new information technology and using this to innovate for and with our customers. We are pioneers in open innovation. We proactively develop modular, reusable software components.

About us

Luminis is all about connections. Based on what drives society in general, we are a technology oriented solutions provider aimed at adding value to the connections between people, organisations, and devices. More than a company, we like to see ourselves as a network of professionals who seek relevance through embracing new technologies and using this to innovate both for, and with our customers. Whether you’re a customer, colleague or business partner, we believe that the only viable way to relevant in our profession is to collaborate and share knowledge and experience.

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Newton’s first law of motion states that an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by an external force.

More about careers


We are always looking for someone with plenty of information technology experience. Are you ambitious and passionate about technology? Get in touch!

Young Professionals

As a young professional you will be a part of our knowledge-sharing network. Benefit from the available expertise. And work on your professional development. Join our team!

Interns & graduates

Are you looking for work experience in an innovative, dynamic and fun environment? And want to start your career in a technology-oriented organization? We help you to kick-start your career!