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Soundbyte 397: Watch The World Burn

It is Sunday night and my glass is half empty. To get into the right mood for this Soundbyte, I’d suggest to play the video underneath. WHAAT? Is that too loud for you? 😉 Three weeks ago I had the opportunity to deliver a keynote speech on Cloud computing to a room full of C-level […]

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Soundbyte 382: Paranoid

Only recently I started watching Black Mirror episodes on Netflix. Somehow I just cannot find the time to keep up with all the cool TV series out there, and there are just too many of them too. As a result I have a huge backlog of series to watch, and keep on getting more recommendations […]

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Soundbyte 370: The Witness Trees

Kon-nichiwa. While you are reading this I am high in the sky somewhere between Amsterdam and Tokyo. In the week to come I will take part in the Japan leg of the Oracle Groundbreakers Asia Pacific tour. It is sort of the Asian version of Java…errr… CodeOne, but then in the form of a whole […]

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Soundbyte 348: Sloe Gin

Everything is changing, isn’t it? Software is changing the world….but is everything susceptible to change? At a strategy day of one of our (insurance) customers this past week, an analysis was made that the entity model of their back-end had seen no significant changes over the past 10-15 years. They did see a lot of […]

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Soundbyte 332: Speak!

Speak! That is exactly what I have been doing for the past few weeks. In fact I have just returned from a trip to Stockholm, Sweden, where I was invited to present a couple sessions at the Jfokus conference. Jfokus is one of the leading software development conferences in the Nordics and from 2012 onwards […]

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Soundbyte 324: Talking to Myself

As we are drawing closer to the year’s end, it has been a bit of a lazy week in tech news. The only real disturbance in the force was caused by the FCC killing net neutrality in the US. While anticipated, it is yet another political disaster tearing up the place. Although our own political […]

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Soundbyte 311: Down Poison

Last week could be labeled as the ‘grand opening of conference season’. The next three months (September, October, November) will be crammed with conferences all over the world. As always, speakers from Luminis will give it their best at a number of these conferences, or at least at the most interesting ones. JavaZone For me, that […]

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Soundbyte 297: Aerials

Starting the week with a slight buzz still in my head from the Luminis 15 year party of the previous weekend. I had a great time celebrating the past 15 years (of which I have been a part for a little over 5,5 years now) and also looking forward in excitement for the next 15 […]

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Soundbyte 278: Moth into Flame

Believe it or not, but this is actually my first Soundbyte since joining Luminis over five years ago. Somehow I always got away with it. I’ve read all the previous 277 ones, and now finally it is my turn. After reading so many of them, I guess I figured out the formula. When reading a […]

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