Sander Mak

After getting his master's degree in Software Technology, Sander became a software developer/architect specializing in Java and application integration. Recently, data analysis and machine learning were added to his list of interests.

Sander loves sharing knowledge, for example through his blog (at and by writing for the Dutch Java Magazine. He speaks regularly at various international developer conferences, sharing his passion for Java, alternative JVM languages and related technologies.

Posts by Sander Mak


Soundbyte 396: The Art of Having Bad Ideas

Okay, I’ll admit that I shamelessly stole the title of this Soundbyte from a wonderful keynote session I attended this week from Tobias Ahlin, lead designer of Minecraft and Spotify/Github alumnus. In our profession, where there’s often no physical component to our work in sight, it’s all about having the right ideas. But how do […]

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Soundbyte 385: System Beeps

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting an event with ‘Uncle Bob’ (Robert C. Martin) as ApeldoornJUG lead. Virtually every developer knows Robert Martin from his Clean Code book, so this was a great way to kick-off the ApeldoornJUG. It’s an initiative started by Luminis Apeldoorn together with Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax […]

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Soundbyte 368: Fly

Even though it may not be completely in the spirit of Soundbytes, I’m writing this one on Thursday, while waiting for my flight back home. It’s been an exhausting but also rewarding week at the Oracle Code One conference in San Francisco. Wait, what? Wasn’t JavaOne supposed to happen around these days? Yep, that’s right, […]

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Soundbyte 362: Pop 101

September: the month where everything’s booting up again after a well-deserved summer break. Schools, work, the tech conference season, my laptop… Oh wait, my personal MBP doesn’t actually boot anymore since spilling tea on it last week, tough luck. But, there’s another milestone in September that I want to talk about: the release of Java […]

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Soundbyte 343: King’s Day

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend as much as I did. Our national King’s Day somehow forces us all to be outside and mingle, and that’s a good thing. It’s also a great day for kids to discover their inner entrepreneurs. Turns out those music lessons do come in handy when you want to […]

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Soundbyte 333: Moonlight Sonata

Another tumultuous week in the world of politics. One Dutch member of cabinet had to resign due to lying through his teeth, but that’s not even the biggest event. Ever since FBI director Comey was fired May last year, I developed an unhealthy obsession following the news around Robert Mueller’s investigation into election interference in […]

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Soundbyte 313: Devotion

You’re getting this soundbyte a little bit later than normal, but with a good reason: JavaOne 2017 is currently in full swing. Rather than giving you a bland preview last Sunday, you’ll now get an update on everything that happened. And what a great week this has been for Luminis at JavaOne! As most of […]

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Soundbyte 300: The one moment

After a week of intense temperatures I’m grateful I can write this Soundbyte in relatively cool air. It’s not only the temperatures that have been intense: we’ve recently moved to a new home, which brings its own set of challenges. Countless rides to Ikea and construction markets have been wearing me down, but the end […]

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Soundbyte 262: The Way It Is

Would you like to live on Mars? With this week’s announcement by SpaceX that question got more relevance than ever. Sure, it still sounds like science fiction, but let’s face it: Elon Musk captures our imagination. Is it because he’s such an inspiring speaker? No, far from it. People listen because he has a track […]

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Soundbyte 250: Blackbird

Time for another Soundbyte, after one of those perfect Sundays. Great weather, BBQ, enjoying the family, what’s not to like? Just before the weekend we had a Luminis Technologies meeting where we brainstormed about our strategy, so that definitely provided some food for thought as well. As usual, there’s lot’s of things going on in […]

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Soundbyte 236: Game of Life

What an utterly interesting time to be alive. We all remember how Deep Blue defeated Kasparov. Chess became a ‘solved problem’ pretty soon after that historic event. And in the past week, we have witnessed an even more amazing feat: AlphaGo beating world-class Go player Lee Sedol. The game that knows more positions than there […]

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Soundbyte 221: Too young to say goodbye

Another week gone by, and we’re still dealing with the aftermath of the Paris attacks. Yet another crisis, stacked on top of the European migrant crisis. First France, then Belgium effectively under martial law. A lot can happen in a few weeks. Inevitably, all these crises lead to calls for stronger leadership. However, the past […]

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Soundbyte 200: Common Ground

Our industry gives the impression it is innovating at a furious pace. Take the web: we have WebAssembly coming up, ES6 (the next JavaScript) has finally been released and the Web Components spec is coming out of the draft phase. The list goes on and on. Another example: micro-services and containerisation. Docker, Rocket, Kubernetes, Project […]

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Soundbyte 180: Slice of time

Time. One of the grandest illusions of the universe. And yet it leads us all to believe that another week has started. In other words: time for a soundbyte! This week featuring ‘Slice of time’ by David Crosby. It’s from the album Croz, which contains some great and timeless songwriting.     “My teacher said time […]

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