Allon Sander

Software Developer

Allon is passionate about his field and a driven team player who strives to achieve beautiful milestones with the whole team quickly.

He actively thinks along with discussions and appreciates constructive feedback. Moreover, he likes to bring the knowledge of the team to a higher level. Analytically, Allon is very strong, which means that he quickly sees through a new organisation and can quickly master their environment. He sees what is needed and where necessary takes on multiple roles within an organisation or project.

Allon is an experienced Software Engineer with a great sense of responsibility. His background in system development and software development ensures that he feels at home in a DevOps culture. Nowadays he helps companies to build beautiful products with his knowledge and experience. In his spare time, he likes to hobby with technology, including:

  • The Raspberry pi, including electrical components and the Linux kernel
  • A simple 3d rendering engine
  • A self-written physics engine
  • Software language construction
  • Artificial intelligence (A * path finding)

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