Amazon OpenSearch Service

Migrate to Amazon OpenSearch Service for advanced functionality, scale, and price performance.

Our highly certified AWS experts have extensive experience in search implementations and Data solutions, we are the perfect partner for your Amazon OpenSearch implementations and migrations.

benefits of using was opensearch

Benefits when choosing AWS OpenSearch

The explosion of machine-generated data has changed how we conduct business today, and result in certain benefits when choosing to use OpenSearch.

  • Price Performance: 44% better price performance with Graviton 2 processors. Up to 90% cost reduction with UltraWarm nodes and cold storage.
  • Scale with Reduced Operational Cost: Scale up to 200 nodes and 3 petabytes with a managed service. Autotune, backups, upgrades, patching, failed node replacement, and more.
  • Secure: In compliance with HIPPA, FedRamp, PCI, SOC, and many more. Encryption, access control, 24/7 monitoring, data replication across 2 Availability Zones, cross cluster

Having log and application metrics in one place

Many companies are adopting enterprise wide log analytics projects. They want to have a complete view of all of their infrastructure, applications, operations in one central place.

Creating the best in class search experience for end users

They want their customers to be able to find the right product, service, document, or answer quickly with a snappy search experience and machine learning capabilities.

Reducing software licensing costs without increasing operational costs

They want to use an enterprise grade open source search engine, but do not want to do their own cluster management, sizing, scaling, optimizing, patching, and hardware management.

Improving Observability and Security

As log data grows, DevOps is increasingly challenged to get observability of their applications while conducting root cause analysis and anomaly detection.



Log Analytics and Observability

Analyze logs generated by websites, applications and systems.  Correlate logs, metrics and traces to gain insights. Machine learning driven anomaly detection. Use cases include performance and security monitoring, auditing, alerting, and threat detection



Lightning Fast Search at Scale

Lightning fast and real-time search at scale, returning relevant results from semi-structured and unstructured data. Use cases include document portal, e-commerce, and machine learning based personalized recommendations


Please contact our expert Jettro Coenradie for more information about Amazon OpenSearch Service implementations and migrations. We can perform complete migrations and implementations. Next to Amazon OpenSearch Service we have extensive knowledge around other AWS services. One example is the AWS Well-Architected review.


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Our Data Journey

Data flows through your organization. By mastering data flow, you can ensure that your data is accurate, accessible, and actionable and that it drives better decision-making across your organization. Without controlling your data, you cannot get value out of AI. We have combined our knowledge of running software projets with our experience in getting value out of data. Our data journey helps you focus on the right things at the right time. In a few months you data transforms into value by using our blueprint for your own data journey.

Data Journey

Search Matrix

We have a lot of experience improving search solutions for our customers. With the upcoming Large Language Models and ChatGPT, search enhanced with machine learning has become popular. However, implementing a search experience for your users is specific to your users. Based on the maturity of the organization concerning search technology, content, analytics we propose a roadmap using the Search Matrix of features or habits.


We have helped a lot of customers with their data and search challenges. Customers come from different domains, like e-commerce, transport, research and knowledge domains.

Albert Heijn (AH)

Smart algorithms to ensure that customers can find the right products as quickly and effectively as possible.

Research Solutions

Digitizing and automating the literature search process for regulated and knowledge-intensive companies. That's what they are doing at Research Solutions with Curedatis.

De Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij

How many minutes do your employees spend per day in the office searching for information? This can be reduced with an optimal search experience!