What we share

‘Knowledge is the only treasure that increases by sharing.’

This an african proverb on which we based our philosophy. We do more than just share our knowledge through our work on open source projects. We set out to increase our ‘treasure’ by sharing it, through publications, training programs, blogs, white papers, guest lecturing, international conferences and of course our own developers conference: Luminis Devcon. Our next DevCon is planned for April 12th, 2018.


Open Source

Our Academy organises events where the developer community exchange experience as well as providing training in advanced IT techniques and methods. We not only benefit from using open source software, but also actively contribute software and effort to the open source community.
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We regularly present papers at national and international conferences, samples of some recent whitepapers can be downloaded. Our colleagues share their passion about technologies on their professional blogs.
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We profit in return from the knowledge we share. If you, like us, want to sit on the edge of technology, it can be hard to upgrade your knowledge. Being an active part of the developers community allows us all to explore the future together, growing our knowledge and writing the new rule book in partnership.