Luminis Reaches New Milestone in AWS Partnership


Software and technology company Luminis has achieved another milestone in its AWS partnership this month. With more than 50 AWS certifications, Luminis joins a select group of organisations in the Netherlands.

A strategic choice

In recent years, Luminis has invested heavily in cloud knowledge and expertise, with a major focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Because of this Luminis is now increasingly being asked for challenging cloud assignments.

Working with the latest cloud technology is not something that has only happened in recent years. Luminis has followed the rise of the Cloud since the start of AWS in 2006, and had already done several projects with AWS solutions before 2010.

Bert Ertman, VP Technology at Luminis, says: “Over the past 5 years, the Cloud has become mainstream. Many companies now use cloud solutions, from hosting to cloud applications. Yet we encounter major differences among companies. Particularly in fields like software development and data analytics, solutions from before the cloud era are still widely used. As a result, organisations often lag behind in terms of speed and innovation. Understanding cloud technology in its entirety and applying it at all levels gives you a head start. That is why access to the best cloud knowledge and partnerships is of strategic importance to Luminis.”

Investing in Cloud Proficiency

A lot has happened in the field of cloud at Luminis in recent years. Bert Ertman cites some examples: “To work on our cloud proficiency, a group of enthusiastic colleagues started ‘Cloud the Game‘. A competition with many gamification elements such as badges, groups and mini-challenges. Anyone who achieves something in the field of cloud can log their achievements via our ‘Cloud the Game’ application. Achievements include obtaining a certification, giving a presentation, writing a blog or reading one. It is wonderful to see our colleagues started doing this en masse and that considerable competition arose. And not only the engineers took part, our sales people, marketers and directors also gained a lot of knowledge about the Cloud. What you achieve with something like Cloud the Game is that everyone becomes self-sufficient in the cloud area at their own pace and finds their way. At Luminis, we’re working with the Cloud every single day.”

Luminis also organised ‘AWS Game Day‘ with AWS. During this day, teams from different companies competed against each other. The goal was to keep an AWS infrastructure up and running as best as possible, while things were going wrong. This requires not only broad knowledge of all kinds of AWS services, but also problem-solving ability and collaboration. In the end, the Planon team took home the first prize. AWS Game Day is a great example of how learning goes hand in hand with fun and a healthy dose of competition.

Beneficial for customers

Learning new things is fun, but the ultimate goal is for our customers to benefit from the best AWS knowledge available in the market. Bert Ertman notices that not only more and more customers are finding us in this area: “In recent years we have invested a lot in our relationship and cooperation with AWS. Because we focus on AWS across the board, we see that we have easier access to specialists from AWS as well. We are even being asked by AWS to help expand their own professional services department, AWS Professional Services. That to me is the ultimate proof that our knowledge and experience is at the right level. In addition, more cloud engineers and architects are interested in working at Luminis, because they can work with the latest technology, which is very nice in the current market!”

About Luminis

Luminis is a software and technology company with offices in Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and the UK. From these offices, 200 professionals work on high-tech solutions for customers, including major brands such as KLM, Nike and Luminis distinguishes itself by demonstrably leading the way in the field of (cloud) technology and innovation.

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