Training: AWS Amplify

By: - Senior Software Engineer

Have you always wanted to create a Cloud native app but you don’t know where to begin? The Cloud can be an intimidating concept. In this training you will get a good introduction to the Cloud and you are going to build your first Cloud Native application and publish it online using only your JavaScript knowledge!


We start with a general introduction to AWS, where we will click through the console and discuss some key concepts. Then we will zoom in on services that will be relevant to Amplify. It is important to have an idea of the services that will be generated for you. Then you get an introduction to AWS Amplify and then we get to work. The goal is to have your first Cloud Native application live at the end of the session. We ensure that a case is ready to start programming and we give tips and hints in between to complete it. Thanks to our experience with AWS and Amplify, we are able to quickly tap out the most common problems and share the Gotchas with you.

Target Audience

Software developers with knowledge of frontend development who want to quickly set up a Cloud Native application.


  • Beginner experience with React, Angular or Vue. (This session will only be given in one of these frameworks so a choice needs to be made)
  • Laptop
  • AWS account with administrator account

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