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We love to make people happy with the possibilities of digital technology. We help organisations make the transition to new technology. In this way we lift your organisation to a higher level: digital technology enables organizations to really help.

Our vision on digital technology

Our vision is that with the right technology you achieve more as an organization. In the short term digital technology help achieving the goals of your organisation. If you know where products are, results can be predicted more accurately. In this way, an organisation reduces risks and losses.

Our long-term vision is that technology can make new things possible that are not yet possible. A good example of this is remote working. How do you ensure that your employees have access to everything they need to work from home? Luminis helps to connect systems and create apps.

It’s like Cruijff said: it’s not about how fast you run, it’s about how fast the ball goes.


We are working on exciting projects at Luminis Rotterdam. Please check out some of our case studies

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Dat.mobility: cloud-native transformatie

With AWS cloud technology Dat.mobility can meet the needs of the market faster and with greater agility.

Dat.mobility: cloud-native transformatie

Door de inzet van cloudtechnologie weet Dat.mobility haar snelheid en wendbaarheid te vergroten en sneller te reageren op behoeften in de markt

The Learning Network: innovations for digital education

TLN is the largest educational service provider, partly because of our experience as their IT partner


Luminis is always looking for talented and ambitious new colleagues.

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Cloud/Data Solution Architect

Will you help our customers with their Cloud transformation?

Geplaatst op: 21 Dec 2021

Cloud Developer

Wanna build creative and innovative cloud solutions? For big brands and interesting customers?

Geplaatst op: 21 Dec 2021

Business Consultant Cloud

Do you have the right skills to help our customers transition to the cloud?

Geplaatst op: 21 Dec 2021

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