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Using our knowledge about data and technology, we help you to transform your business to the digital age. Our specialists work on complex, technical problems every day, from front-end development to Enterprise Java; from digital technology in logistics to cloud services. Together with you, we’ll innovate to find new markets or design new products for your customers.


User Experience design


Roparun is one of the largest charities of Holland and aims to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. Luminis is an IT partner of Roparun.

Geplaatst op: 5 Feb 2020
Open Innovation

Van Dam

Design and develop an MVP to explore new service offerings.

Geplaatst op: 6 Jan 2020
Scalable architecture

Onboard: the Internet of Ships

By addings sensors and smart software to ships, OnBoard allows vessel companies to increase their operational efficiency.

Geplaatst op: 27 May 2019


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Luminis is always looking for talented and ambitious new colleagues.

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Cloud/Data Solution Architect

Will you help our customers with their Cloud transformation?

Geplaatst op: 8 Oct 2020

Business Developer

Can you link business and technical challenges?

Geplaatst op: 20 Aug 2020
40 uur

Front-end developer

Do you have experience using several JavaScript frameworks and the tools that come with it to build, test and develop?

Geplaatst op: 10 Aug 2020
38 - 40 uur

Cloud/Java Software Engineer

Would you like to keep developing yourself and have the freedom to do what you do best?

Geplaatst op: 10 Aug 2020

Let’s talk about data

We love to help organizations to adapt to the digital age. The digital world runs on data. Using our data expertise, we’ll design new products or find new markets for your organization’s products. In our process, we’ll rapidly iterate over three phases.

It all begins with getting to know your target audience. Using design methods, we’ll gain empathy with your customers. This goes beyond traditional consumer research; we’ll not only use marketing data about target audiences, we’ll get to know real people as well. What’s the benefit people seek to gain from your products and services? Together with your organization, we’ll bring your vision to the next level.

Almost all organizations already have valuable data. In the next phase, we’ll combine data streams and improve the data quality. We’ll make sure your organization’s data is stored securely as well.

Finally, we’ll build dashboards or apps that’ll drive results for your organisation.¬†We build minimum viable products with cutting-edge technology. We’ll validate the new product as soon as possible and iterate from there.

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