Cloud Platform

The Luminis Cloud platform supports agile Cloud strategies that optimize the speed of innovation and are a foundation for experimentation. It harnesses the power of the best Open Source projects in the Cloud computing space. This enables a whole new level of innovation speed. The Luminis Cloud platform uses Kubernetes, Docker and other Open Source projects to support cloud-native applications. It offers an integrated toolchain that makes it easy to manage web application deployment and hosting through the entire software lifecycle. The Luminis cloud platform builds on Luminis’ 15 years’ experience developing massive online systems like e-commerce and other customer-facing systems.

Cloud Platform Components

Apart from the toolchain, the Luminis Cloud platform offers a number of components. Each of these components optimize the speed and efficiency of your DevOps organisation.

  • Central Logging platformLogging Overview

    Running applications in a clustered and cloud-based environment is always challenging. An important starting point of the Luminis Cloud platform is a centralised logging infrastructure. It collects and consolidates logs from all nodes in your cluster, ensuring that no information gets lost. These logs are stored and indexed in a way that allows for automatic analysis and processing, but also allows users to search and drill-down problems manually.

  • Customisable Dashboards

    Our Cloud platform features customisable real-time dashboards. They display the state of your applications and infrastructure continuously. You can configure your applications and infrastructure to raise alerts when necessary. This enables you to perform either manual or automated interventions. Health checks can be integrated simply and deeply into your applications enabling diagnostics at runtime of correct configuration dependencies, memory use, processor bandwidth and other application-specific parameters.

Benefits of our Cloud Platform

  • Zero Lock-In

    Our fully Open Source model ensures that customers can always expect complete fidelity with the upstream Kubernetes and Docker APIs and binaries in every stable release.

  • Streamlined Operations

    Easily manage cluster upgrades, updates and lifecycle with central tooling for platform operations and development teams.

  • Time to Production

    Reduce your cluster deployment timeframes from weeks to hours with fully-automated installation and configuration tooling based on proven best practices.

  • Role based access control

    Enable users and groups to share or restrict access to development and production environments.

  • Enterprise-Grade Operations and security

    The combination of security-by-design with high-performance tooling makes it possible to easily use  dynamic, high-available clusters on either bare metal and/or virtual machines.

  • Any Cloud

    Can be deployed on any major public Cloud infrastructure as well as On-Premise infrastructure thereby enabling a really agile multi-Cloud strategy.