Cloud RTI

Cloud RTI: your agile cloud strategy

The Cloud RTI (Run-Time Infrastructure) is a fully supported, secure, multi-tenant cloud solution that allows you to host and deploy your applications now, but to adapt your supplier strategy regarding infrastructure, cloud platform and storage solutions as technology and market conditions evolve. It supports most public cloud infrastructures, including Amazon and Azure as well as on-premise solutions and e.g. hybrid and cloud-burst approaches. It delivers a secure, dynamically scalable and robust clustered environment that is designed to support the complete application life cycle.

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Where does it fit?

Cloud RTI connects your Infrastructure (IaaS) with your application-specific Platform (PaaS) layers; it is unconstrained by the typical “sandbox” and IDE limitations of either of these – allowing you the freedom to change between PaaS and IaaS providers. Cloud RTI abstracts away from the IaaS layer and provides a continuously monitored and managed environment to deploy your applications. It relieves you of the complexity of managing your application environment and the need for specialist “DevOps” know-how.

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