Our Technology Platforms

The demand for increased agility and resilience of software systems is changing the IT landscape. It requires different tactics and architectures for information, infrastructures and development strategies. Within Luminis we have captured our extensive experience in developing resilient distributed systems in an opinionated architecture. Our technology platforms not only allow us to meet these demands, but also optimize development speed and time-to-market for new and updated systems.

Data platform

Cloud platform

IoT platform

‘Data is the new crude oil’ is frequently used to describe how the role and value of data is changing. The Luminis InformationGrid is a resilient and ubiquitous data fabric. It allows you to articulate and implement a successful information strategy.

The speed of innovation, security and maybe even the ability to experiment are very well served by a Cloud strategy. The Luminis Cloud platform is an end-to-end foundation for building systems that are infrastructure agnostic and resilient while being optimized for speed of development.

Internet-of-Things or IoT solutions share a number of common characteristics with respect to data, devices and upgrade strategies. The Luminis IoT platform offers a starting-point for systems that feature devices that are (occasionally) connected through the Internet.


luminis technology platforms


Technology platforms: Resilient, Data-driven, Low code

To be successful with software technology, organisations have to add an inclusive software strategy and a strategy, processes, and technology to support it. To become more even more agile, it has become clear that this needs to cover the complete lifecycle of all IT-based solutions.

Luminis Agile Software Strategy

  • Resilient

    One of the hardest nuts to crack is to design and develop systems that are resilient to change. Within Luminis we have always considered modularity and declarative techniques as a key part of the solution for this challenge. Therefore, Luminis has designed a application platform from the ground up with resilience in mind.

  • Data-driven

    The value and nature of data has been subject to change. We are transitioning into a world where a ‘one size fits all’ approach to data needs to be replaced value-driven “fit for purpose” strategy. The Luminis InformationGrid provides a solution for this challenge.

  • Low code

    Developer productivity has been an important challenge since people started thinking about higher level programming languages. With the rise of Cloud computing and the importance of ever shortening time to market, this has only become more important. The Luminis InformationGrid is a Low Code platform that is based on a declarative first approach to software development. Using a combination of DSL’s (domain specific languages) and a modelling first process, the Luminis InformationGrid offers a new level of productivity for developers.